❯❯ WILLING TO PAY 3 MONTHS IN ADVANCE ✔ (Medford/Central Point/Jacksonville/Eagle Point)

MATURE GENTLEMAN ( 59 years ), brown hair, blue eyes, very quiet and gentle, very clean and neat, LOOKING FOR A PRIVATE–ROOM / HOUSE–TO–SHARE arrangement or SMALL, SEPARATE APARTMENT WITHIN PRIVATE HOUSE ( NOT a trailer ) in a low–crime section of Medford or neighboring township.

Preferably looking for a move–in on September 01st or before, that is, as soon as convenient for the landlord. ( I realize that sometimes it takes a bit of time to clean, refurbish, and tidy up the place after the previous messy tenants have finally moved out. )

I do not smoke ( neither tobacco, marijuana, nor vaping ), and I do not drink any alcohol ( not even an occasional can of beer ).

I am single, do not have any pets, do not have visitors coming over, nor do I throw parties.

The reason I don't have any pets is that I am allergic to cats. If the home has a cat, my sneezing will become uncontrollable.

And if I'm in a home where someone is smoking, it's my coughing that will become uncontrollable.

Just being honest and trying to avoid lots of sneezing and lots of coughing.

I prefer to avoid apartment buildings because I’ve learned the hard way that all it takes is one inconsiderate nincompoop playing his hip–hop “music” at sub–woofer, full–blast, 24 / 7 to ruin the peaceful residential experience for all the other tenants in the apartment complex.

However, I am not naïve and do realize that homes in peaceful–looking neighborhoods may also have their own share of problems. Examples could be constantly barking dogs in the property next–door, or drugs sold on nearby street corners at night, or a motorcycle gang occupying a house just down the street, stuff like that.

I am seeking to live in a house that doesn’t have those problems or others going on. Especially NO noisy neighbors ( i.e., loud arguments all the time or loud music / TV all the time ), NO drugs being sold nearby, and NO constantly barking dogs.

I am a very quiet and peaceful guy ( I avoid drama at all costs), and that is why I am trying to find a quiet and peaceful house in which to live that is in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. It should sound very logical to anyone reading this.

I AM LOOKING FOR A FURNISHED BEDROOM WITH ITS OWN PRIVATE BATHROOM ( that is, NOT just simply a common bathroom down the hallway that's used and soiled by all the visitors that happen to come by ).

I AM ALSO LOOKING FOR A SHARED KITCHEN wherein I can eat my morning cereals, occasionally make a quick sandwich, and in the evenings, although not every night of the week, cook my simple meals. ( Oh, and I NEVER leave dishes or pans behind. I ALWAYS wash up after myself. )

If the furnished bedroom that you have available is large enough for a TV and a desk ( or table ), then I wouldn’t foresee my needing to use the livingroom space hardly at all, unless invited to do so. ( And, yes, when watching TV, or using my laptop, the volume is ALWAYS down very low. )

If the bed is too small or has a lot of mileage on it ( which is okay, I mean, beds are made to be used ), I would like to be allowed the option of buying a new bed for myself and having the old bed put into the garage, shed, or other type of storage for usage by another future tenant.

Now, for the dollars and cents. I AM WILLING TO PAY AS HIGH AS $850 PER MONTH, with a one–month security deposit.

ADDITIONALLY, I AM ALSO WILLING TO PAY THREE ( 3 ) MONTHS IN ADVANCE ( but, of course, I would expect a RECEIPT and a signed RESIDENTIAL LEASE AGREEMENT for the 3 months ).

And if at the end of the first three months we’re both still happy with each other, then a longer lease agreement ( six months, one year ? ) could mutually be discussed and arranged.

If what I’ve written about myself above sounds like the kind of living arrangement you would like to inquire into further, then please feel free to contact me via Craigslist’s anonymous email–forwarding system. If after a few emails back–and–forth and we feel comfortable enough, then we could go on to texting via cellphones.

And after that, we could meet at a public place during the day. And if either of us doesn’t feel 100% like proceeding further, then we go our separate ways, different directions, no problem.

Oh, and please, no groups of college kids looking for a roommate to pay the lion's share of the monthly rent. At 59, I’m relatively an old man already. The smoking weed and getting stoned every day, the piles of stinky laundry and filthy garbage all over the place. Not looking to relive those days long–gone. ( Oh, and don't get me started on the social–media–induced lack of respect that's so popular among the youth nowadays. ) It simply wouldn’t work out.

But senior citizens looking to stretch their retirement income, Yes!

And honest, sincere, working folk, who are NOT looking for someone ELSE to pay their mortgage ( because so much of their monthly income is eaten up by all that expensive “medicinal” grass bought at all those local dispensaries ), but who are CLEAN and SOBER and SMOKE–FREE, a most definite Yes!

Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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