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Blessed day! My name is Mathew. Ruhr (9yo intact male 75lbs) and I (41yo male) are reaching out once again in search of a partial, or potentially full, work trade exchange for the right living situation in the Ashland/Talent/Phoenix area.
We are interested in something with full kitchen and bathroom amenities, and space for the dog to run around off leash (acreage, BLM/National forest next door, good sized back yard, etc.) Open to anything from a private room in a shared housing situation to a private cabin of our own; we'll pretty much check out/feel into whatever comes forward. The main thing, other than the above 3 requirements, is that the situation feels good, and healthy, and that everyone is excited to have us there.

As far as work exchange goes, I have experience with everything from grocery store/book store retail to gardening/landscaping/handyman to tutoring and other things (resume available if asked for). I really enjoying doing land altar installations (using landscaping to shape and form the land to create sanctuary spaces for meditation, prayer, and ceremony/ritual).

I'm intelligent and good at learning new skills and tasks. I have some managerial experience and a BS in General Science from UofO. I am open to trying new things and checking out/feeling into any opportunities that present themselves and doing my best to do well, even it is at something I haven't done before. Simply looking to offer my time and effort in exchange for home and hearth.
I am in the process of recovering from a couple of injuries, and so I am currently not able to regularly lift more than 20 lbs., or engage in repetitive twisting motions. That being said, I can do short stints of physical work (as long as its not toooo heavy and strenuous), so if there is a however many hours per week/month agreement i can do it an hour a day, or some such; plugging away at a gradual pace. This will change as a I heal and get stronger. Please reach out if you have any ideas, leads, or offers.

Blessings and Gratitude

PS: I am also open to and welcoming any work opportunities that are aligned, even if they are not woven together with a living situation.

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