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6555 Crowfoot Road near 6555 Crowfoot Road

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available jun 1

cats are OK - purrr
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laundry in bldg
no private bath
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Information/ Warning about Rental at 6555 Crowfoot Road

You should know some information about this property before renting here. It is NOT worth 530 a month.
The Landlord says in her ad that her dogs bark sometimes. They do not. They bark all the time and at everything. I mean everything. You should just ask all of her neighbors! Or just wait until you go check out the room and you will see. The landlord is not working on fixing this. She has 10-13 dogs and can not control them. There is a fence in the middle of the house that all of her dogs are behind. They will bark at you every time you go into the kitchen. They will also break through this fence while she is not there to run around the kitchen and leave surprises everywhere on your side of the house. She also has about 30-40 cats ( if not more-they are all breeding on the property now.) There are about 15 of them that come inside by pet door. They use the hallway of litter boxes. This hallway of litter boxes/ cat area is your private entrance to the house right by your room. They leave dirt and hair everywhere you are allowed to go in the house. It doesn't matter how much she/you clean, it is gross because the cats go everywhere in the kitchen. They are even around all the dishes and rags so you don't really want to use all the utensils she provides because you have to always clean them first. The cats also like to shit in your bathroom if you do not always close the door. The laundry machines are always dirty as well, because she washes all of her dog beds and blankets in them constantly without cleaning it afterwards. The landlord also has a bird that constantly squawks loudly when she is just out of the room.

As far as her not liking drugs on her property, it is complete bullshit. You will see all the trash in her yard when you pull up. This is from the lady she let stay in a trailer out front for about a year and a half. She and her boyfriend both did meth and ran around her property all drugged up. It took the landlord a year to even try to evict them because she is too afraid to be a stern landlord, so we (the other roommates) had to pay the price of not feeling safe the while they lived there. They were allowed to come inside and use all of the renters facilities so we could not lock the house door no matter how many sketchy people showed up at their trailer late at night. You should talk to the Shady Cove police department before you decide to stay there, too. They have the report about us finding a container of meth in her house recently. (This is why we are leaving!) I honestly don't know whose meth it was, so have fun dealing with that if you live there.

The landlord does not have the key to her house locks so you will not have one and can not lock the house. The room does have a lock now after nagging on our part. The places you are allowed to go in the house are the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry/ cat litter hallway. The room is in the corner of the house so all the noise funnels into the room you would be renting and it is right next to the bathroom so you get to hear all of those lovely noises as well. (thin walls) We have also been dealing with people stealing our food and drinks since the day we moved in. We kept everything we could in our room to avoid this. If you are a soda drinker, they will get stolen -so beware. I'm pretty sure there are people that live in the woods nearby that come to her property and steal what they can. You can ask the landlord about having to put a lock on her gas tank due to people stealing her gas and how she continually has things going missing from her garage still. You always have to be on guard and make sure your stuff is always locked up if you don't want it stolen.

She and the current roommate do not have jobs or do anything regularly so they are always home. They use all the internet so yours will be crap if you happen to get on after them, which you always will. They never get off. There is only one kind of cell phone carrier that will work out in that area. The roommate has a son on probation that will stay randomly. He has been arrested in the house before and probably smokes meth. The landlord chain smokes cigarettes in the house and the roommate smokes heavy amounts of weed in her room so you have to always deal with those two smells. Well actually, you will have to mix those two smells with the smell of cat/ cat piss and poop.

On a personal note, We are moving out this month and gave her a one months notice like we agreed upon- in return, she posts this ad early and is trying to hound us into showing our room while we still live there (even though we have paid rent). Don't get me wrong, the landlord can be "nice" , but its not worth it. I hope you will not waste your money.

****I'm sure the landlord will post something in return to this degrading me as a renter, but all of this is still true about the 6555 Crowfoot Road property. If you don't believe me, you will realize I must be telling the truth after you go check the place out. Good luck.
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