German Shepherd / Kelpie Mix (Ashland)

I need to rehome my 3 year old male German Shepherd mix.

Great with kids. He was raised with kids and loves them, he always wants to be with them and involved in what they are doing. He also jumps and does not have the best manners so would be best with older children. He is not a barker unless he is alerting to a threat. He is very sweet, playful and affectionate. He loves traveling and being active.

Cons: Needs a fenced yard, he does not have a good recall at all. I don’t let him off the leash unless we are deep in the woods hiking or he is in a fenced area, even in a fenced area he does not do well with coming when called. With more training I think he can get better, but as it is now his recall is majorly lacking. He has food allergies and is extremely picky, he gets fed Taste of the Wild now and will do best staying on that diet. I have tried several different food brands and with many of them he will refuse to eat them, his vet said it is because he has a food allergy. He will kill chickens and chase livestock.

He would do best with someone with an active lifestyle, loves to travel, go hiking and to the river. Would make a great companion to a younger playful submissive dog.

How is he with other dogs: he does well and loves to play with submissive dogs, he will not instigate a fight but will not back down if another dog is being aggressive toward him. He does not do well with overbearing aggressive large dogs, but does great with friendly young playful dogs.

He is up to date on all vaccines and flea/tick treatment. He is also neutered.

He is crate trained however does not like it. If he is hiding from going in the crate he does not like to have his collar grabbed. If he knows he is going in a crate he will try to hide under something to prevent it from happening.

Photos available upon request. I will be going through requests over the weekend and choose a new home early next week.

Why I am rehoming: We formally lived on 10 acres that were fenced in and great for him. However, I had to move and have been unable to find housing. I am a single mother and need to secure housing and unfortunately finding new housing with a large dog is seemingly very challenging, after months of searching with no luck I have made the tough choice to rehome him so I can find a new rental.

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