Pack Goat prospects - $100 (Gold Hill)

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**Please read the entire ad thoroughly before responding. Do not send me a message with your phone number or asking for my address--I will ignore you. Please tell me a little bit about your situation and your set-up, as well as your goals for these goats (pets, pack, meat, etc.). They will only go to an approved home.**

I have several young Lamancha bucklings with horns, as well as two Alpine/Lamancha cross bucklings and 1 Saanen, that are available as pack goat prospects, or they can go for meat. There are several large, sturdy boys, with good bone. Born from 3/18/24 to 4/17/24. The 10 oldest are being fed milk 2x per day, about a quart per kid per feeding. They are eating some Purina Goat Grower and 3rd cutting alfalfa as well. The youngest 2 are still on 3x a day feeding and aren't eating much grain or hay yet. They have all had their CD&T vaccines. They will be banded (castrated) before they leave here.

Our herd has always tested negative for CAE, CL and Johnes, and we raise our kids on strict CAE prevention.

You must have other goats of about the same age, or take two, as goats are herd animals and do not do well without the companionship of others of their own kind. You must have safe housing and pens, good fencing, free choice alfalfa hay and fresh, clean water. A little grower grain would also be appreciated by them. They will need regular hoof trimming and veterinary care as needed. They will need to be bottle fed for a minimum of 8 weeks, with 12 (or more) weeks recommended. The oldest ones are close to being able to wean. If you do not have access to goat milk, homogenized whole cows milk from the store works well for feeding goat kids.

You must have an enclosed vehicle to take them home--I do not send animals home in open vehicles or trailers, for their health and safety.

Contact via Craigslist email only. No phone calls or texts.

Sales are cash only, paid at pick up. No trades, no payments, no checks.

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