Nigerian Dwarf doeling, Priscilla - $350 (Central Point)

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This is Priscilla, a 15 week old Nigerian Dwarf doe. She was born Jan 27th and is weaned. I am selling her for $350. She is such a sweetheart. To tell you about Priscilla, I'll really have to tell you about her parents. Priscilla's dam, Megsy, is a wonderful dairy goat. I get 1/2 a gallon of delicious, creamy milk from her every day. Megsy has a nice udder and good teat size for her breed--not too small for hand milking. Her father is a Twin Pear Farm buck, and I got her for an amazing deal from a gal who was friends with the breeder there. She has great dairy lines despite no papers. She is a very healthy and smart little goat, a joy to work with every day, never had a health issue. She has had two pregnancies and delivered quadruplets both times--all babies alive and strong! She also successfully nurses and raises these kids, being a very attentive mother. She has never rejected any of her babies and keeps them cleaned up and fed. I am so impressed by her mothering instinct, natural vigor, dairy qualities, and good temperament.

You are in for a real treat with Priscilla as an addition to your dairy herd. She is a social and sweet little girl. She'll be easy to train to a lead and on the milk stand. She should be as healthy and smart as her mama is. I believe a dam raised goat is superior to a bottle baby, always!

Priscilla's sire, Fergus, is a very sweet tempered buck. He's safe around my children and is very gentle with the baby goats. He also treats his ladies well. A good temperament in a buck is important for herd health! Fergus' mother was a lot like Megsy--she had quadruplets more than once and successfully nursed and raised all her babies. More good mothering genetics at play here for Priscilla, as well as high milk production for the Nigerian Dwarf breed. Fergus has always been a healthy and robust goat as well, no issues to treat. He is incredibly low maintenance.

My goats are herbally managed and fed organic feed. They are chemical free and healthy. It's not easy to find that quality of goat for this price!

I have included photos of Megsy and her udder. Also included are photos of Fergus. Priscilla will continue to grow into a beautiful and well conformed goat like her parents.

Give me a call and come meet Priscilla--she is an angel!

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