Community input appreciated 💯 (Near City of Rogue River)

Hello, all I'm seeking is friendly advice from those whom know.

Kelly here, I wasn't born a quadriplegic. I lived 26 years 9 months and almost 5 days inside a fully functioning meat suit. Post brain-stem stroke and incompetence while on a baseball road trip, is when my "bad, C rated movie" started. Today, I'm not convinced either direction, life's a journey!
Post years of love and therapy, once regaining some semblance of vocal production and mobility to live within solitude on your own, no nurses, doctors, therapists, total strangers poking, prodding, sticking sensors on your skin, or even hearing mom and dad in the other room. My question, now that I've fought for solitude and my space, what's the next comical movie scene. Needing strangers assistance in and around the house is, different. Seeking help beyond family that you're already familiar and feel comfortable with is, challenging and scary.
How do others successfully navigate life this way?

I'm open to comments, advice, criticisms, suggestions. Be brutal and honest people, vent your frustrations even(I can take'em).

I have dreams and goals I'm trying to make reality, I know I need others assistance along my jouney even more, being someone in my position.

I'll post a link for a breath about me so you have an idea I'm not completely full of sh*t.

Text and email communication preferred. Face-2-face conversations are usually successful. Over the phone, most people hang up after getting flustered/frustrated/embarrassed. I sympathize. Listening to recordings of myself, sometimes I don't understand myself.

Where do us cripplers hangout?
Where do we find quality people we enjoy spending money on?
Those of us that "over qualify" to go through any already up-and-running STATE service or programs, what avenues have you tried?

Im actively seeking optimistically pessimistic, kind and thoughtful inquirieez wanting to improve the lives of those accepting help... I want warriors

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