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We talk over your fence - m4w (Ashland) map

Molly? - m4w (Ashland)

Tom T Hall - I Love - m4w

One of a kind 4 a Broncos fan - m4w (Rouge Valley) map

24 Vanilla Twilight - m4w 24 (Cental Pointe)

You got my email today at your work - - m4w (medford) map

55 To the adorable waitress at Witham diner in Medford - m4w 55 map

AutoZone - m4w (Auto Zone) map

69 Dat Bodeh - m4w 69 pic

26 Why? - m4w 26 (Medford/Ashland) pic map

rouge river liquor store - m4w (rouge river) map

31 Kali from 3nder - m4w 31 (Ashland) map

43 To my melissa - m4w 43 (Medford) map

Minute Market on West Main, Friday night - m4w (Medford) map

23 Cali at Costco about 4:30pm - m4w 23 (Medford)

I miss my friend - m4w (medford)

you were always the one - m4w (medford)

!! provolt store !! - m4w (provolt) map

beautiful long hair redhead at FM - m4w (medford)

45 I want to meet you - m4w 45 (Medford) map

Hi, Saw You Walking Your Dog - m4w (Medford) map

Searching for "SK" - m4w

30 Waitress for my dinner party - m4w 30 (Courtyard Airport Marriott) map

You told me I had beautiful eyes - m4w (Medford) map

Saw you at Wal-Mart - m4w (South medford)

Cj dispensary - m4w (Cj) map

In search of jgbhjb22 - m4w map

Min market - m4w (Medford) map

28 der der der - m4w 28 (nowhere fast)

Papa Murpheys on Stewart - m4w (Medford)

37 take me 2 paradice - m4w 37 (Medford) pic

EP Wal Mart 1-23 around noon - m4w (Eagle Point)

Happy Birthday Janis - m4w

Searching for "Lynnedh" - m4w map

31 O....my card doesn't work ;) - m4w 31 (CP)

Brunette in South Freddys - m4w (Medford)

55 Rachel, where are you? - m4w 55 (Medford) map

The woman at sherms thunderbird today - m4w (Medford)

35 Shari's girl sitting behind me - m4w 35 (Medford)

Organic Frozen Berries - m4w (Fred Meyers) pic map

47 Jessica I can't stop thinking about you - m4w 47 (GP) map

Pregnant Blond Little pantry CP - m4w map

Seeking - Wildsurley - m4w map

Jennifer if i only had one..... - m4w (s ore)

Bus rider - m4w (Medford)

26 You green suv, offered me a ride on coker butte today. - m4w 26 (Coker butte road) map

Omg I could melt - m4w (Medford) map

GP Safeway - m4w (Grants Pass) map

In & Out - m4w (Medford) map

I lost my virginity with you on a train - m4w (Roseburg) map

white honda - m4w map

Girl at Starbucks - m4w

Amber? - m4w map

Eyes at the Ashland Chase - m4w (Chase bank)

Re: if i only had one........ - m4w (s ore) - w4m map

It's not fair - m4w (Grants ford) map

cassandra from tinder - m4w (tinder) map

Jennifer - m4w (s ore)

AEWB - m4w map

Jasmine L. Maitland. - m4w (Umpqua)

46 A flower and a florist - m4w 46 (Medford) map

woman at abs - m4w map

32 KK - m4w 32 (GP/Medford) map

37 'tall girl!! - m4w 37 (Medford Oregon)

la baguette - m4w map

Human ATM, pay piggy - m4w (Medford-ashland) map

35 same last name - m4w 35 (central point) map

It's not fair - m4w (Grants ford) map

Looking for Shellbell63F - m4w map

girl in the green jacket and combat boots at wiskey river - m4w (wiskey river)

It's not fair - m4w (Grants ford) map

re: don tlie - m4w (here in OR) map

35 Love love - m4w 35 (Medford) map

Erin H. From Bend I miss you terribly. - m4w (Bend) map

Lady in E.P. - m4w (wal mart) map

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANA !!! - m4w (Oregon) map

Girl walking to 7-11 in the cold - m4w (Ashland) map

It's not fair - m4w (Grants ford)

I helped get your truck unstuck on Tolman Creek Rd - m4w (Ashland) map

Where did you go Annie? - m4w (Meford) map

Thank you Deserae - m4w map

beautiful black walmart employee - m4w (grants pass)

57 Leaving to find what you left behind - m4w 57 (Medford) map

Voluptuous liquor store lady - m4w (Medford) map

It's not fair - m4w (Grants pass) map

Mc Donald's White City 12/30 around 3 pm - m4w map

My Queen (Former) - m4w (Cain)

30 Gym - m4w 30 (Medford) map

Girl at Goodwill in Central Point - m4w (Central Point) map

It's not fair - m4w (Grants pass) map

Do you wana build a snowman. - m4w (medford) map

cute blonde walmart parking lot - m4w (grants pass) map

To the tall beauty - m4w (Ashland Bi-Mart Monday morning) map

Where is she... - m4w (Rogue Valley)

Supercuts north medford - m4w

grants pass taco bell - m4w (grants pass) map

Flight from LAX Cristmas night! - m4w map

RE: death of a salesman and his saleswoman - m4w (Wolf Creek) map

Original roadhouse - m4w map

jack n box - m4w (w.c.)

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